Webinar: “Taming the Beast of Sexual Addiction”

Webinar: “Taming the Beast of Sexual Addiction”


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Saturday, February 16 | 10am PST, 1pm EST

What happens when Sexual Attraction becomes Sexual Addiction? Sex itself can’t be wrong. God made it. Enjoying sex can’t be wrong. We’re meant to. But when sexual appetite goes the wrong direction, sexual sin happens. Worse yet, plenty of people get literally hooked on sexual sin.

They turn to porn, or prostitutes, or promiscuity the same way other people turn to drugs and alcohol. There’s a name for it: Sexual Addiction. And Sexual Addiction is a Goliath conquering way too many people, destroying way too many marriages, ruining way too many lives. Some of those lives – lots of them, in fact – are Christians.

We need to talk about this and, more to the point, do something about it.

That’s why on Saturday, February 16 we’ll be presenting a 90-minute webinar called “Taming the Beats of Sexual Addiction.” Topics covered will include:

  • Protecting your home and yourself from sexual addiction
  • Defining the difference between Sexual Sin and Sexual Addiction, and providing a Biblical concept of bondage and freedom
  • Defining the specific steps to take to break free from the power of Sexual Addiction
  • What spouses can do if they’re married to a Sex Addict
  • How to minister to someone who’s sexually addicted

The webinar begins at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (11:00 AM Mountain Time; 12 Noon Central Time; 1:00 PM Eastern Time).

You’ll be sent an E-book by Joe Dallas on the topic, outlines to download and follow along with during the webinar, and a link to the video recording of the webinar to be viewed for one week after the live event.

The problem of sexual addiction can be found anywhere. The answer to sexual addiction can be found in the Word of God. Let’s see what it has to say about the solution.

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