January Webinar: “How to Talk to my Transgender Friend?”

January Webinar: “How to Talk to my Transgender Friend?”


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Saturday, January 19, 10am PST (1pm EST)

When someone you love is transgender, “Speaking the truth in love” takes on a whole new meaning.
The transgender issue is forcing Christians to prayerfully consider where we stand, and how to take our stand, on a tough, controversial subject. It won’t get easier. In the coming years, we’ll face increased pressure from the culture to adopt its views on gender, and we’ll know more and more people personally effected by the issue. Are we ready?

We’ll directly answer the questions that most commonly come up, such as:

  • Should I call my transgender friend by the name he or she chooses?
  • Should I bring up the subject of whether or not we can really change our sex?
  • If a transgender wants to use our church bathrooms according to the sex she or he identifies with, should we allow that?
  • How do I explain my disagreement with my transgender friend or loved one without sounding hateful or judgmental?

The webinar will also include:

60 minutes of teaching, 30 minutes for Q and A, outlines for the webinar, an E-book developed especially for this topic, and a video version of the webinar to view for one week after it’s been presented.

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