“Pro-Gay Theology” Webinar (Part 2)

“Pro-Gay Theology” Webinar (Part 2)


Saturday, May 19 | 10AM PST (1pm EST, 12pm CT)

“Are you sure the Bible says it’s a sin?”

There’s a movement within Christian circles to reconsider whether homosexuality is a sin or something God created, a movement largely based on a whole new way of looking at the Bible.

Haven’t heard of it? Trust me, you will. And when you do, you’ll want to be able to answer it. Because the question of what God did or did not intend the human sexual experience to be is not a minor doctrinal issue. It goes to the heart of family life, church order, and even our understanding of God’s relationship to His people.

That’s why on Saturday, May 19 I’ll be presenting the second part of my 3-part series called Pro-Gay Theology: What it Is; Why it Matters. In this month’s segment, we’ll talk about what the Old Testament has to say about homosexuality, and how pro-gay advocates are re-interpreting it.

In our first segment (available on video) I discussed the history of what’s often called the Gay Christian Movement, and what that movement has already achieved, where it’s headed, and how it will impact the Body of Christ at large. Then on June 23, we’ll look at what the New Testament has to say on the subject in Part Three: Homosexuality, Jesus, and Paul.

What you’ll get when you register

  • 1-hour presentation “Pro-Gay Theology” with Joe Dallas
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  • An additional article that expands on this topic.
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