“Pro-Gay Theology” Webinar (Parts 1-3)

“Pro-Gay Theology” Webinar (Parts 1-3)


For over 40 years, the Christian church has been experiencing a slow, steady drift towards a complete overhaul of Biblical values and sexual ethics. The basic definition of marriage, male, female, and family are all up for grabs, and those who oppose these trends pay a price that’s getting higher every year.

Meanwhile, we see churches adopting a pro-gay interpretation of the Bible, or minimizing the Bible’s authority altogether, while we see the Christian population increasingly confused as to what Scripture really says, or how to implement what it says, or whether or not we should say anything about the subject at all.

How do people come to believe the Bible condones this? And how can we answer them? We need to talk about this. That’s why I’m launching a three-part webinar series titled Pro-Gay Theology: What it Is, Why it Matters.  For the entire three-part package sign up on this page.

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  • The recorded versions to re-watch at your convenience

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