September Webinar: “Rebuilding the Broken Marriage”

September Webinar: “Rebuilding the Broken Marriage”


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Saturday, September 22 | 10am PST (12pm CT, 1pm EST)

Marriage is one of the most important institutions given to us by God. With constant attacks by the culture, it is no wonder that the marriage rate is going down, while the divorce rate continues to skyrocket. This, of course, is unacceptable.

We all know someone who has experienced their own marriage troubles, and if left unchecked, those troubles can turn into something very damaging. So, what happens when those issues build until they cause your marriage to come crumbling down?

On Saturday, September 22, we are going to address those concerns during our next webinar. We want to invite you, your spouse or someone you care about to join us as we talk about repairing and rebuilding the broken marriage.

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