Webinar: “When Someone You Love Is Gay”

Webinar: “When Someone You Love Is Gay”


Saturday, February 8
9am PST, 11pm CT, 12pm EST

What does a parent, friend of loved-one do when someone they love is gay?  What are the emotions they go through, and as a Christian, how they can respond in a way that keeps the relationship and at the same time hold onto their core beliefs?  In this webinar, Joe Dallas will help answer some of those questions, based on his years of working with family members and friends.  This webinar will include a 40 minute information presentation and will have time for Q&A.

Won’t you join us Saturday February 8 at 9am PST for our live discussion on When Someone You Love Is Gay. When you register you’ll receive a complimentary E-book, and for one week following the event, you’ll have access to a recorded version of the webinar so you can view it again.

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