“Why Am I Gay? Why Can’t I Change?” Webinar

“Why Am I Gay? Why Can’t I Change?” Webinar


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Wednesday, June 3

You might be surprised to know how many women and men in our congregations are asking that very question.  If they get no answers from the church, they’ll certainly get some from the world.

That’s how it all ends.

It’s how marriages that God put together end, torn asunder because someone gets told they should embrace their feelings over covenant.  It’s how spiritual growth ends, because someone gets told their attractions, not their identity in Christ, define who they really are. It’s how Biblical discernment ends, because someone gets told to put desire above doctrine, and wants above the Word.

But that’s not how it has to end! There are answers to the honest questions gays and lesbians have, and we can hardly call ourselves relevant, much less salt and light, if we won’t give them.

That’s why on Wednesday,  June 3 at 12 Noon PST I hosted a 60-minute webinar on how to answer when someone asks “Why Am I Gay? Why Can’t I Change?”

Topics include:

  • Origins: What causes homosexuality?
  • Outcomes: What happens when people try to change?
  • Opportunities: How can we develop effective ministries for people who want help?

Registration is $19.99, and registrants will receive a complimentary E-book on the topic and access to a recorded version of the webinar.

Plus, an additional 30-minute Q & A session follows the webinar for those who wanted to stay and have individual questions answered.

This webinar was recorded.  Anyone signing up for the live recording will receive a full video of the entire webinar, and a copy of the E-book.

I hope you’ll join me in addressing the important topic.

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