Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler #13: LWO, 9/11

Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.

A Cuppa Joe – Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler

Off to Houston today for the Exodus International sponsored Love Won Out conference. For those of you unfamiliar with Love Won Out, it’s a one day event originated by Focus on the Family in 1998, designed to provide education to Christians on the subject of homosexuality. For thirteen years now, four to five times a year, the Love Won Out speaking team has visited churches in major cities, providing an eight hour seminar touching on virtually every topic the issue brings up – What causes homosexuality, What scripture really says on the subject, How to respond when homosexuality hits home, Gay teens, etc. It has been and continues to be a huge honor being part of this effort. Sure would appreciate your prayers for safe travel, protection for the event, anointing for all the speakers and protection from any opposition trying to disrupt the proceedings. (We’ve had some astonishing interruptions from activists over the years. Don’t get me started.)

Remember where you were September 11, 2001? Of course you do. We’ll be deluged this weekend with retellings of the events, comments from all sides of the political spectrum, and remembrances of indescribable heroism and sacrifices made that horrible day.

So be it. We should remember, with gratitude and horror. Gratitude to be alive and living in a nation that can so resiliently go on after such a devastation, and horror as we remember that none of the evil doctrine or hatred leading to the attacks has abated. (If anything, it’s mushroomed)

I especially remember the helplessness of watching the televised coverage that day. I don’t remember when I had last felt so weak in the face of such high level hatred. It was as though we got an amplified, panoramic view of Satan’s raw nature, one that horror films never really capture. And what a wake-up call it was. What really mattered was suddenly so apparent; the nothings we fret over seemed minute. So it was, as Dickens once intoned, the best and worst of times. And it brought out the best in us, however briefly.

So this Sunday as we remember, let’s strive for the unity of purpose and priority we had that nightmarish day. May we remember the roots of good and evil, and keep the reality of them both before us. And may those of us striving for purity be especially aware that mass evil begins with minute decisions, and that there are both overt and covert ways to destroy, and that every deliberate compromise we make contributes to a destruction of the soul that’s as lethal as the hijacked jets that shattered buildings and lives ten years ago.

And above all, in remembering and facing such unbridled evil, what else can we say but come quickly Lord Jesus.


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