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Speaker and author Joe Dallas has been addressing churches and conferences nationwide since 1987. He speaks on a variety of subjects related to Christianity and human sexuality, including sexual purity, homosexuality, sexual addiction and recovery, Christian social action, discipleship and general men’s issues.

Joe has also designed seminars to equip pastors and laity alike, featuring practical, Biblically-based answers and approaches. In addition to seminars and conferences, Joe regularly addresses Sunday morning and evening church services, and makes himself available for television and radio interviews.  You can contact us at (673) 333-0807 or use the form below.

Booking Joe Booking Joe
Joe Dallas is a clear voice in a time of confusion. I would be hard pressed to remember anyone who has come to our church that has been more overwhelmingly received. He’s one of the most effective communicators we have in the USA Church today. Use him. You will never regret it.”

Dr. John Marshall,
Pastor Second Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri

The Game Plan

a One-Day Men’s Seminar on Purity

The use of pornography, adultery, prostitution and other sexual sins is epidemic in both the culture and, tragically, the Church as well. Thousands of Christian men admit they struggle with sexual sin and temptation, and know full well how deadly it can be. Utilizing his five-point recovery plan of Repentance, Order, Understanding Training and Endurance (ROUTE TM), Joe provides a step-by step plan for men who are ready to take action– a plan that thousands of men have found to be user-friendly, easy to understand and effective.

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LGBT: Speaking The Truth  Loving The People

A One-Day Seminar to Equip the Church

No subject is more controversial, misunderstood and heated as sexuality and gender identity. As both culture and Church become more divided on the issue, crucial questions emerge: What causes homosexuality? How should parents and family members respond to gay, lesbian and transgender loved ones? What does the Bible really say on the matter? What about gay rights? And how do we show love to LGBT individuals without compromising truth?

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No one understands the subject of sexual purity better than Joe Dallas.”
Hank Hanegraaf,
President of the Christian Research Institute and host of “The Bible Answer Man” radio show.

Joe’s materials are simple, straightforward, and offer the much-needed voice of experience. His insights can easily be used to effectively address these issues in the church.”
Pastor David Kosobucki,
Horizon Central Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

Joe Dallas was very informative and encouraging We’re looking forward to having Joe back at a later time.”
Glenn Kravig,
Assistant Pastor Calvary Chapel, Downey, California

Booking Joe Booking Joe

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