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Joe Dallas is an author, speaker, and ordained pastoral counselor, helping people reclaim godly sexuality.

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Live Webinar with Joe Dallas

March 24th | 10am PST, 1pm EST

Right now, there’s a wife who’s hurting, and there’s a husband who’s helpless.

She’s hurting because she’s discovered he has a secret. The kind of secret she never thought any Christian husband, much less her own, would have. He’s hooked on porn. Or he’s had an affair. Or he’s secretly involved in homosexuality. She’s shocked; she’s shattered..

He’s hurting because he never meant to hurt her, but “never meant to” isn’t doing her a bit of good. He knows he’s the source of her pain. But he’s clueless as to what he can do to relieve that pain. He feels guilty; he feels helpless.

We need to talk about this. That’s why on Saturday March 24 I’ll be doing a webinar titled After the Fall: Restoring Marriages Damaged by Sexual Sin.

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“If you’re keeping your struggles a secret, then your problem isn’t that you’re not trying hard enough. It’s that you’re trying alone.

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Joe has been speaking at conferences, seminars and churches nation-wide since 1987.

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