Desires In Conflict

Desires In Conflict


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Hope for Men Who Struggle with Sexual Identity

The Conflicts Are Real

  • The desire to love God vs. The desire to be loved in a way
    God prohibits
  • The desire for a normal sex life vs. The desire to satisfy feelings
    that seem normal, but aren’t
  • The desire to be transparent vs. The desire to avoid the pain
    of misunderstanding

So Are The Solutions

You wont’ find any quick fixes in this book.  But what you will find is effective help for restoring sexual wholeness and moving ahead in your Christian life. 

“The Church has few advocates for the development of a Christlike character. There’s a plethora of quick-fix options. But Joe Dallas’ book offers a workable approach to sexual and emotional sanctification illuminating the power of God’s grace at work in the sincerely repentant soul. Desires In Conflict will help equip the Church to deal with the delicate issue. Celebration is forthcoming when the homosexual struggler finds an impassioned ally in the Church, and the Kingdom receives back it’s members.”
–Raymond Jones, Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, Certified Addiction Specialist

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