Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of the questions I’m most often asked during seminars. These are topics that are on people’s minds these days, so I trust that the links I’ve provided in response to each of the questions below will guide you to answers that are practical and Biblically based.

How do I answer when someone says, “I’m gay, and I was born this way?

In response to that, I often say, “Well, I was born again this way” Here’s an article I wrote on the topic.

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I’ve hurt my wife. How can I rebuild my bond with her?

Rebuilding trust in marriage can be a long, hard journey. Let me recommend five different articles I wrote on this.

If you’re still in the “dog house”
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If you’d like to better understand what she’s going through
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Want to know what steps to take when you’ve hurt her?
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Want to assess the damage you’ve done?
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Want to understand her anger?
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Is it true that Jesus never said anything about same-sex marriage?

You might be interested in this “mock interview” with Jesus being questioned about same-sex marriage by a reporter.

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What should I do after a relapse?

Here are some practical steps you can take in the aftermath of a relapse.

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Is it ever appropriate for a believer to adopt the label of “Gay Christian?”

A growing number of Christians are now adopting that very label. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

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What is your position on the Revoice Conference?

After listening to the messages given at the first Revoice Conference I wrote a two-part article. Here it is.

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What’s the best way to handle sexual temptation?

Sexual temptations are inevitable, and here are some ideas to use when they strike!

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Isn’t it wrong to tell gays they have to stay celibate in order to please God?

Here are some thoughts I have about the notion that celibacy is the only option for a Christian with homosexual desires.

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If I say something is a sin, am I guilty of judging?

“Judge not” has got to be one of the most misapplied scriptures in the New Testament! Let’s take a look at what judging really is

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What exactly is “Conversion Therapy” and why is it so controversial?

“Conversion Therapy” has become an overused and ambiguous term. This article explains what it is, what it’s not, and why it matters.

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Someone I love is Transgender. What exactly does Scripture have to say about this?

This five-part article outlines a Biblical response to the claims of the pro-transgender/transsexual movement.

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Read Part Five

I've been invited to a same-sex wedding. Should I attend?

More and more believers are wondering how to respond to such an invitation. Here are my thoughts and suggestions.

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How do I forgive someone who wounded me so deeply?

Some wounds run so deep we wonder if we can ever let go of our rage towards the person who inflicted them. Please give this article a read and some careful thought.

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What are some of the causes of Homosexuality?

In this videotaped presentation I did for Focus on the Family I offered some ideas on root causes of male homosexuality.

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My husband says he's put his sexual sin behind him. But, how can I know if he's really changed?

The wife who’s been betrayed wants to know that her husband is repentant, remorseful, and committed to never repeating the sexual sin again. So here are some signs she should be looking for.

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What advice do you have for a Christian who wants to remain sexually pure?

Of any articles I’ve ever written, the one most often requested for reprinting and redistribution is this one titled “Ten Tips for Maintaining Sexual Integrity.” I hope you find it helpful.

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