Homosexuality and Truth Homosexuality and Truth

Homosexuality and Truth

A One-Day Seminar to Equip the Church

No subject is more controversial, misunderstood and heated as homosexuality.As both culture and Church become more divided on the issue, crucial questions emerge: What causes homosexuality? How should parents and family members respond to gay loved ones? What does the Bible really say on the matter? What about gay rights? And how do we show love to homosexuals without compromising truth?

Homosexuality and Truth Homosexuality and Truth
“To be caught in the trap of homosexuality is difficult enough, but to be held captive in the snare of the ‘strong delusion’ of a false gospel requires the stronger arm of truth. [Bringing] the truth in love, Joe Dallas reveals how to set the captive free.”
Janet Parshall, Nationally syndicated talk show host

Seminars are held on Saturdays and begin with registration
from 8:00-9:00am Teaching begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:30
pm, with a one hour lunch break and ten minute break each
hour. We recommend the lunch break be on premises to
encourage discussion among participants, and so that we will
be able to resume again promptly after lunch.

Participants are given a workbook with outlines to fill in
for each teaching session.

Seminars are made up of five teaching sessions utilizing
PowerPoint and workbooks. Each session 50 minutes in
length, with a ten minute break between sessions.

Homosexuality and Truth Homosexuality and Truth

Sessions Include:

How Then Should We Respond?

The seminar opens with a three-point plan for repentance and recommitment as we seek to effectively respond to this issue in a balanced manner, compromising neither our convictions nor our compassion.

Answering Pro-Homosexual Arguments

An overview of the commonest arguments a Christian is likely to hear from a homosexual, with a point-by-point response to each argument. Especially geared towards those who want to share the gospel with homosexual co-workers or family members.

Refuting Pro-Gay Theology

This session explains the pro-homosexual interpretation of scripture that is gaining ground in many churches. It examines each Biblical reference to homosexuality, provides the pro-gay revision of the scripture, then offers a refutation of the pro-homosexual revision. Crucial for anyone witnessing to those who claim to be “gay Christians.”

When Homosexuality Hits Home

Especially for someone who has an openly homosexual family member or friend, this session will address the questions that usually come up:What are the Biblical guidelines for dealing with friends or loved ones who are in sins? What sort of boundaries do I need to draw; and how can I dialogue effectively with this person? What’s the best way to witness to a homosexual, and how can I continue to love this person without compromising the truth?

Where do We Go from Here

An overview of the challenges facing the Church during the next decade, and how we can effectively respond to them.

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