Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler #14: Homeschool, The Help, Pat Robertson and Online Groups

Every Friday we’ll take a break from topical posts and will post some random personal thoughts.

A Cuppa Joe – Random Ramblings from a Fellow Struggler

School’s back. We love home schooling our youngest, but it’s a rough adjustment. Every day we hear moans of “But I’m tired”, “Let me sleep a little longer”, “Why can’t everyone leave me alone?”, etc. But then my wife and son remind me that everyone has responsibilities, and my complaints are useless. So it goes.

Renee and I are looking forward to taking my mother out for lunch and a movie today. She’s been very ill, and any outing will do her tremendous good. She’s wanted to see The Help, a film we’ve seen and enjoyed, and since she’s a lady from Georgia I’m looking forward to her take on the accuracy of this portrayal of 1960’s South. Sure would appreciate your prayers for Mom, who lost her husband (my stepfather) a couple years ago, and has had countless physical problems since.

Speaking of physical problems, Pat Robertson recently said Alzheimer’s is a “kind of death,” which may justify divorcing a spouse who’s been stricken with the disease. With all due respect to a man who’s accomplished great things, there really is a time to stop talking.

But there’s also a time to speak, so I’m excited about the new online groups we’re starting for men who struggle with porn and other kinds of acting out, and for wives of such men, and for parents of homosexual sons or daughters. We’ll be sending out more info on these next week.

Hope you have a blessed and safe weekend. Thanks for being part of this community.


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