Update: World Vision Reverses its Policy on Same Sex Marriage

World VisionOn Monday I posted my concerns about Word Vision’s policy change regarding same sex marriage, found here:

Just this afternoon, World Magazine has reported an announcement from World Vision regarding its controversial decision to employee homosexual partners within same sex marriages. The President of World Vision now says the board of the organization regrets its decision, is heartbroken over the confusion that decision has caused, and especially apologizes for overlooking the Biblical ramifications of such a policy change. You can read his statement here:

I applaud their decision, while I am concerned that such a decision was ever made. Still, I hope all of us will hold them in prayer and accept their apology, while at the same time looking for continued adherence to Biblical authority on their part when making future decisions.

This is, hopefully, a positive postscript to what has been a disturbing, emotionally charged story.


Greg | Mar 26, 2014

Joe - This is one issue that I cannot agree with you on. This is blatant discrimination, pure and simple. Should we discriminate against other sins that are different than ours? What about the gluttons, the adulterers, those who view porn in secret, and those with anger issues? Should we also exclude them from serving at World Vision? Jesus loved and tolerated everyone no matter where they are at in life. It is the Holy Spirit, not us fallible beings, that convicts and transforms our sinful lives into new creations. We are not to judge and exclude anyone from the kingdom of God. By not hiring gay people (Christian or not) who want to serve the least of these in the name of Christ is an affront to the love and grace of Jesus Christ. More damage to the name of Christ is being done with this whole World Vision debacle than ever before. More us vs. them and a larger chasm between the church and the LGBT community. Today, I am ashamed to be called an evangelical. It is becoming less and less relevant to our society with its petty dogmatic moralism. It is time for the church to repent of this and become a better reflection of the love of Jesus Christ to a society that desperately needs him.

apronheadlilly | Mar 26, 2014

Is it not unusual that such a hotly charged issue could have been almost cavalierly changed without thinking of the response. Wonder who is in charge. Whether folks agree or disagree, as a ministry it was a foolish waffle that stirred up all sorts of unneeded controversy in our Alice in Wonderland world.

Suzanne | Mar 27, 2014

What this proves is that when Christians stand and speak up for truth and righteousness in love as we are called to do, a grievously erroneous decision by a professing Christian organization gets reversed. Sadly, not always the case. I think it was the threat of loss of financial support from Christians that caused WV to change their decision. Grateful they repented, but it is profoundly disturbing that they would have thought hiring homosexuals in the name of 'inspiring unity' was okay. Seriously???
The Lord Jesus loves sinners and calls them to REPENTANCE, so He can forgive sin and bring them into His kingdom.
There are many opportunities for Homosexuals to serve the poor if they desire to in non-Christian organizations. It is relentlessly determined Homosexual activists that are targeting Churches and Christian organization to DENY THE FAITH in the name of 'false love and unity.'

David | Mar 27, 2014

WORLD VISION: Magnitude of its Policy Mistake:
[Stearns (President, WV) said of the backlash, "Again, I think it goes back to we hadn't done enough consultation on this. We hadn't vetted this issue with people who could have given us really valuable input in the beginning.”]
Answer: I see that Stearns stopped reading his Bible. In these matters NO consultation outside of the Bible is needed (Deut. 29:29). The things that are revealed need obedience, not consultation. I am truly surprised with this excuse for their blindness.
[The agency had announced Monday that its ‘board had prayed for years about whether to hire Christians in same-sex marriages’ as churches took different stands on recognizing gay relationships.]
Answer: Again, this issue is clearly defined by the word of God and Jesus’ view of marriage (between man and woman) and does not need to be ‘prayed about for years’ for answers. By saying this, the World Vision leadership show their incompetency as Christian leaders. They are unable to say in clear terms that the Bible defines marriage only between man and woman and no one else. Christian leadership means following God’s word, not consulting the opinions of the present-day culture.
When the followers of Rajneesh sect came to the US, propagating 'open relationship', the same issue was debated by some 'evangelicals' that we must 'love' them so 'accept' them along with their 'relationship'. Bust history of that time shows us that it ended in utter chaos & collapsed. But "History teachers us that history teaches us nothing", said Hegel, the German philosopher.
We did not learn then and we did not learn now. But "wisdom is vindicated by its deeds", said Jesus.
By making the decision to go against God’s word, World Vision will suffer the consequences, even though they have now retracted the decision. God forgives and Christians should forgive, but due to the immense size of this organization, the consequences may still be considerable.
The positive side is that many good Christian organizations, that are doing similar work, will now have the chance to come out from under the shadow of World Vision and receive more support. The work of the Gospel as related to taking care of children will increase under the sovereign hand of God. The question that is left for each one of to answer is not that if we do or not accept the sinner, for Jesus came for the sinner. But it is this: How does God defines 'ungodliness' and how does HE reacts to that? [Romans 1:18-31] I have great many friends here in India who WERE involved in practicing such things, but are NOW delivered through the Gospel.
"But thanks be to God that though you were slaves of sin, you became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed, and having been freed from sin, you became slaves of righteousness." [Romans 6:17,18]

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