God Knows the End of Your Movie

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6Suspense

I love a good thriller. Tell me one of the old Alfred Hitchcock films is on Turner Classic Movies, and if I’m not home to watch it, you can bet I’ll be recording it. When you put a man or woman into a seemingly impossible situation, then spend the next two hours tracking their progress through a maze of surprises, you’ve got me.

If the movie was really good, I’ll usually rent the DVD when it comes out to see it a second time. And invariably, having already seen the film from start to finish, I find myself enjoying it in a whole new way. Since I know how the ending comes out, I’m no longer agonizing over the hero’s fate. So now I can enjoy the camera angles, musical score and scenery in a whole new way. In fact, even when things get tense, I can relax and enjoy, since I know how it will all come out. I’ve seen the end of the movie, so whatever happens beforehand, I’m at peace.

Did you read the verse from Philippians at the top of this post? I’ll bet you’re already familiar with it, but this might be a good time for a second look. “He that began a good work in you will complete it.” A few questions to ask yourself, in light of this:

1. Did God in fact begin a good work in you?

Sure He did, or else the good work wouldn’t have begun. Let’s you and I not flatter ourselves about this – if God Himself had not put it on our hearts to seek Him and His ways, and if He Himself did not arrange the events of our lives to bring to our attention our need for Him, then the “good work” in question would never have begun. Our own goodness or wisdom sure wouldn’t have made it happen; fact is, left to our own devices, we’d still be careening down a hellish path of our own choosing. So yes, He did indeed begin a good work in you.

2. Does God bail on His projects?

Nothing in scripture, your experience, or common sense itself, would suggest that He doesn’t complete what He began. Unlike us, who frequently change our minds or just abandon our projects through boredom or discouragement, He is unchangeable in both His purposes and His purposefulness. That being the case, we’ve no reason to suspect Him of aborting His own purposes in us.

3. Is God worrying about you?

If you were created by Him with purposes in mind (and you were) and He’s done His part to keep you moving towards those purposes (which He has) then surely He’s not pacing heaven worrying about whether or not you’re going to make it. You can grieve Him, sure, and anger Him as well. But worry Him? Hardly. Remember, He’s not bound by space and time, which enables Him to see you not only as you are today, but as you will be when His perfect work in you is finished. And hard as it may be to conceive, He sees a masterpiece when He fixes His fatherly gaze on you; a priceless product fashioned by His loving correction and empowering.

“The Lord will perfect that which concerns me,” David crowed in Psalm 138:8, and he, with so many ups and downs in his own life, surely knew what he was talking about. So, strive for righteousness? Of course. Labor to be a better steward in all ways? Let’s go for it. But always with confidence beyond ourselves, knowing that He who began a good work in you has seen the end of your movie. No wonder, then, He could say, “My peace I give unto you.” Let’s take it, and guard it when things get tense. Because the script’s already been written, and the ending? You’ll love it.


Wayne | Mar 8, 2017

Joe, what a great word! It is a word of confirmation for my sermon that I will be preaching this Sunday. The title of my sermon is: "7 REASONS WHY A SAVED PERSON CAN NEVER BE LOST AGAIN!" And one of the reasons is the very text you've chosen for your message: GOD ALWAYS COMPLETES WHAT HE BEGINS! And since it is God (and not ourselves) who began the good work of eternal salvation in us, it is God who will complete it and bring it to full fruition. I'm about to shout! :-)

Terri Higgins | Mar 8, 2017

Oh Joe, God always seems to say inspiring words through you! I loved "He sees a masterpiece when He fixes His fatherly gaze on you; a priceless product fashioned by His loving correction and empowering." Touches my heart and spirit! Thank you for all you and Renee do for the body of Christ!

James West | Mar 8, 2017

Joe, that is just the encouragement I needed at this moment in time. Sometimes it seems the work that He began in me is so far away that I will never get there, but I thank you for reminding me through His word, of His promises. Blessings to you and yours.

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