Where We’ve Been And Where We’re Going in 2020

“I’ve often said that no one understands the subject of sexuality better than my friend Joe Dallas. I’m not merely speaking of Joe’s formidable knowledge of truth, but also the wisdom of its application through crystal clear
and concise communication.” 
Hank Hanegraaff,
President of Christian Research Institute and host
of The Bible Answer Man radio show

Thank You!
As a member of our online community, you’ve been there for us throughout 2019. So please let me take a few minutes to help you understand where we’ve been this year, and the part you played in it all.

People Asked “Now What?” And We Answered
I personally spent more than 720 hours speaking with individuals, couples, and families, all of whom said, “Now what?” Some were struggling with same-sex attractions; some were hooked on porn. Some were couples torn apart by adultery; some were families wanting to know how to speak truth in love to a transgender son or daughter. 

All of them said, “I have a problem. Now what?” 

Thanks to your ongoing support and prayers, we were able to offer answers, strategies, and comfort to believers whose lives had been seriously impacted by some form of sexual sin.


Churches Said “Come Share” And We Did
I had the privilege of guest preaching for Sunday services, and teaching my seminars on sexuality and purityin Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Nebraska, Indiana, and throughout Southern California. Among the churches that hosted me were Prestonwood Baptist Church of Plano, TX, Victory Church of Lakeland, Florida, Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills, CA, Northpointe Church of Fresno, CA, Calvary Chapel Harvest Fellowship Church of Fort Wayne, IN, Greenacres Baptist Church of Tyler, TX, Lifepoint Thanksgiving Korean Church of Westminster, CA, Calvary Chapel Rialto, CA, Trinity Christian School of New Jersey, Mission Hills Baptist Church of Mission Viejo, CA, and the Union Rescue Mission of Orange County, CA. 

My sincere thanks to all the pastors, elders, and ministry leaders who gave me an opportunity to share my heart and thoughts with their congregations!


Pastors Said, “We Have a Situation.” And we Partnered with Them
We’re honored to partner with pastors around the country who are presented with situations their seminaries didn’t discuss much. 

“My worship leaders just informed me that he’s gay”, some have said, while others have asked, “What can I tell the wife in my congregation whose husband is addicted to porn?” Some have wondered how to answer when a homosexual person asked them, “Can I change?”, and some have wanted to discuss church discipline procedures for a staff member who committed adultery, is repentant, and wants restoration. 

“Speaking God’s guidelines to a confused church and a hardening culture isn’t easy. No one does it better than Joe Dallas. Like no other voice I know, Joe both lives and ministers with that
continued balance of truth and love.”
Janet Parshall, nationally syndicated radio talk show host

“Joe Dallas is a clear voice in a time of confusion. I would be hard pressed to remember anyone who has come to our church that has been more overwhelmingly received. He’s one of the most effective communicators we have in the USA Church today.” 
Dr. John Marshall, Pastor
Second Baptist Church, Springfield, Missouri

In every case, because you’ve been standing with us, we’ve been able to spend as much time as has been needed consulting, strategizing, praying, and partnering with church leaders who want to minister effectively
and lovingly.

2020 Will Bring More of the Same, And Then Some
Sadly, we know that in the world, things aren’t getting better. Our culture celebrates identity confusion, lust, and homosexuality, while denigrating anyone who believes there must be a better way. 

“I know of no one more uniquely qualified to address this issue of massive cultural change. I have known Joe for well over 40 years and believe God has raised him up for such a time as this.”
Bill Welsh Senior Pastor
Refuge Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach

But happily, there will always be people who will say, “This isn’t what God intended for me. I want to walk away from it. But how?”We will always be there for them. But more than ever, we also need you to be there for us.

Won’t you please prayerfully consider giving a year end gift to our work to help us go on serving the women, men, and families who are seeking God’s best for their lives?



Dick Clay | Jan 7, 2020

I hope this gets to you Joe. Thank you for your ministry. I just finished reading "The Gay Gospel" and look forward to reading more of your works. I am writing a book entitled "Politically Correct Christianity: the deafening silence of the body of Christ." The last chapter is about speaking the truth in love to the LGBTQ community. I would like to reference your works. The Gay Gospel was published in 2007. I need references for developments in churches on the homosexual issue which have taken place in the last 13 years. Can you point me to some material? Would you please send me your email address and visit with me on the subject? I would greatly appreciate your help in my efforts to make a difference for biblical Christianity. In Christ, Dick Clay ([email protected])

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