Year End Partnership

Miserable year. Awesome God. I guess that says it all.

Yet for all the challenges 2020 brought, God’s blessing on our work has never been more evident.

All of our weekly clients remained in counseling, regardless of COVID. We transferred just about everyone to phone or Skype, and we’ve been able to serve women and men struggling with their sexuality, relational problems, marital conflicts, and addictive behaviors, without any interruption of our services. For this, I am more grateful than I can tell you.

I’m also so grateful (and excited!) over the new video projects we’ve completed, and the ones that are still in production. Early next year we’ll be releasing a whole new website with free video lessons on overcoming porn, restoring marriages injured by sexual sin, managing sexual temptations, loving gay and transgender family members, and living the disciple’s life.

In fact, let me share with you a preview of what we’ve got coming up. This is Part I of a 3-part series on discipleship called “Peter: A Disciple in Process.” It’s one of the many video projects we’re putting the finishing touches on, and this website will be dedicated to giving believers tools to be better, more effective disciples. To check this video out, just click HERE

As if that weren’t enough, on a personal note, I’ve been able to complete my 9th book this year. It’s called “Christians in a Cancel Culture: Speaking with Truth and Grace in a Hostile World.” It will be released next Fall, and Amazon already has it set up for pre-sales. (Click HERE) I felt a real urgency about this book, and wrote it in hopes of equipping believers to continue speaking clearly about controversial but essential doctrines.

But going into 2021 we’ll need your help more than ever. First, because of the havoc COVID has wreaked on the economy, many people are needing free counseling services, which we’re honored to provide.

Pastors are also asking for consultations when a staff member “comes out” to them, or a parishioner confesses to porn addiction, or a Christian family is devastated by a son’s decision to adopt a female identity.

Families are asking for help navigating their relationships with lesbian, gay, or transgendered loved ones,

We will always thank God for the opportunity to serve these people. Won’t you please consider investing in that service?

To Make Your Year End Gift Click HERE

Your year-end gift will help us continue doing what we’ve been doing since 1987 – serving the Body of Christ by providing counsel to men and women with sexual conflicts, Christian leaders wanting to minster more effectively to same-sex attracted people in their churches, and families wanting to know how to speak the truth in love to gay, lesbian , or transgendered sons or daughters.

Thank you for prayerfully considering a tax-deductible gift to our work. God keep you safe and strong in Him during these uncertain times. More than ever, I’m reminded of His certain promises, and the certain, sure foundation we stand on in Christ.

Happy New Year!

God bless


To Make Your Year End Gift Click HERE


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