Updates: What’s Been Happening and What We Hope Will Happen

Things sure got busy around here! We’re grateful and blessed to update you on some of the ways we’ve been able to expand our work, and on some of the new opportunities God has granted. I’m especially excited because these new ventures help us equip people to better defend the faith and define the faith as well.

Defending the Faith Through A New Podcast

Whoever thought Renee and I could wear a couple of Larry King hats? That’s what it feels like doing these podcast interviews, and we’re loving every minute of it!

Our weekly podcast Christians in a Cancel Culture had its debut episode last Friday (see HERE) and a new episode can be seen every Friday from now on. The goal of the podcast is to equip believers to defend the Biblical world view as it applies to hot button issues like homosexuality, abortion, transgender, race, and progressive Christianity.

This Friday, September 24, we’ll be interviewing author and well-known speaker Becket Cook about his amazing testimony, drawn from his book A Change of Affection.

Future guests will include Dr. Sean McDowell of Biola University discussing progressive Christianity and pro-gay theology; Monique Duson and Krista Bontrager of the Center for Biblical Unity discussing how we can respond to critical race theory; Jeffrey McCall of the Freedom March sharing his story of leaving transgender behind; apologist Dr. Alex McFarland discussing the Equality Act and a Biblical approach to racism; and Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute talking about the state of religious liberty in America.

Defining The Faith Through A New Facebook Live Series

We’ve also begun a new weekly Facebook Live meeting called Sound Doctrine Bites. These are brief messages designed to help believers better understand some of the doctrinal issues effecting all of us as we’re trying to navigate life in 2021 and beyond. Here are some of the topics we’ve covered so far, with links to each:

“Are We Being Persecuted?” click HERE

“Is Christianity Too Harsh?” click HERE

“My Response to the Netflix Film Pray Away” click HERE

“Do I Have to Forgive?” click HERE

“What Makes You Think We’re In The Last Days?” click HERE


Speaking Opportunities

I had the honor of presenting a half day seminar on sexuality with my friend Denise Shick at Calvary Chapel East Anaheim last week (click HERE for seminar) and to speak in Springfield, MO at Central Assembly Church worship service (click HERE) and later that same week I was able to offer Central a seminar on how to field pro-LGBTQ questions and arguments. (click HERE)

Earlier last month, I addressed a special Zoom meeting of pastors and staff at Wylie Baptist Church to discuss how families can respond to LGBTQ loved ones; a live meeting with The Exchange Ministry of Orlando to discuss ministry approaches, and a group Zoom presentation for Journey of Hope ministries in Melbourne to discuss strategies for men struggling with
their sexuality.

Where We’re Heading

It’s our joy to continue counseling women and men affected by different sexual and relational struggles, and I’m continuing to see an average of 20 per week in person, by phone, or by Zoom. Many are unable to pay a full rate; some are unable to pay at all. We will never turn someone away for lack of funds, but of course, we continue to deal with ministry expenses. Some of our travel is paid for; some we pay ourselves. In all cases, we’re grateful for each opportunity God gives.

But we do need partners in this. To continue providing counsel, and speaking services, and weekly teaching through our podcast and live meetings, we need your help.

More than ever, we’re seeing people come forward and say, “I know the behavior I’m involved in is not God’s will for me. So what do I do now?” And we’re committed, more than ever, to providing answers that are Biblically based, and support which is compassionate.


Will you join us in these efforts? Your gift of any amount enables us to continue helping individuals wrestling addiction to porn, same-sex struggles, and marital crises. It also helps us equip pastors and leaders to address LGBTQ issues Biblically in their own congregations. And it helps us provide teaching to equip believers to be stronger disciples and stewards
of truth.

Thanks for your friendship and support. God bless!




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