“How Can I Win Back My Wife’s Trust?”

We get that question a lot. There are lots of other questions we get, too, some of them urgent.

Your year-end gift to CloudFire Ministries will help us continue to provide quick, easy to access answers for people in crisis.

Like the Christian father whose son just came out to him.
Like the Christian wife who just discovered her husband’s porn habit.
Like the Pastor who was just asked by a transgender person if his church was “trans-friendly.”

Or like the husband I did this video for, who wants to know how to regain his wife’s trust. To have a look at this latest addition to our new free product “The Short Answer,” click HERE.

There are 3 thing’s we’re committed to doing here at CloudFire: Helping people to Know the Word, Helping people to Live the Word, and helping people to Express the Word wherever they can, to whomever they can.

We do all three through Biblically based counseling to people dealing with homosexuality, sexual addiction, or transgendered loved ones; through our weekly podcast Christians in a Cancel Culture, our weekly Facebook Live meeting Sound Doctrine Bites, and our monthly Zoom meeting for pastors called The Challenge.

If our work sounds like something you’d like to partner with us in, won’t you consider making a year-end tax deductible gift?

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