Year End Update from Joe Dallas

Hey, Friend, thanks for your prayers and support throughout 2022! What a fantastic, blessed year it’s been for us here at CloudFire Ministries, so please let me catch you up on what we’ve been doing, where we’ve been, and where we hope to go this coming year.

New Video Project! “The Short Answer”
Every year we get questions from concerned parents, believers who struggle with sexual temptations, wives concerned about their husbands, and pastors wanting to know how to better serve people who struggle with same-sex attractions or addiction to porn.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome,” we thought, “if we could record brief videos answering these questions, and make the answers available so anyone could access them whenever they’re needed?”

The Short Answer” was the answer God gave us. This year, we recorded over 20 brief videos providing quick, Biblically-based solutions and guidance at no cost for people in need. You helped make that happen! So take a look at 10 of the topics we’ve covered so far:

Should I Call My Transgender Daughter By Her Preferred Pronoun? click HERE
What Can I Say To Our Gay Son? click HERE
How Can I Win My Wife’s Trust Back? click HERE
Did Jesus Really Say Nothing About Homosexuality? click HERE
Should I Attend My Gay Friend’s Wedding? click HERE
How Can I Tell If My Husband’s Getting Better? click HERE
Is It OK For Christian Couples To Watch Porn Together? click HERE
How Can I Tell If I’m Sexually Addicted? click HERE
Did Paul Really Condemn Homosexuality In Romans 1? click HERE
What’s The Best Way To Deal With Sexual Temptation? click HERE

More than 20 of these will be up on our new website early 2023. Thank you for partnering with us in this new project.

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I Never Know When To Shut Up!
This year, I’ve had to honor of speaking at churches, conferences, and seminars year round, beginning with a trip to the Czech Republic in February for a week of speaking to pastors from throughout the country who gathered for training in ministry to people impacted by LGBTQ issues. (See HERE and HERE)

In the Spring I flew to New Zealand to address the annual Family First Forum, where they had their largest attendance yet. As a Keynote Speaker I spoke on the challenge of responding to cancel culture forces (for the video of my message click HERE) Then I was able to stay an extra day to conduct two additional private seminars. Great blessing all around, and such a joy to meet these new friends.

Afterwards Renee and I flew to Montana to present my day-long “Homosexuality and Truth” seminar for New Life Church in Polson (click HERE to view entire seminar) We also flew to Florida later in the Fall, where both of us spoke at the annual Experience Conference in Lakeland, followed by a week of speaking at 5 other churches in the Tampa area, including Arise Church of Tampa where I enjoyed giving my testimony for their morning service. (To view sermon video click HERE )

We were in Springfield the next week to speak to the first ReStory Conference, then at my good friend Pastor Jim Bradford’s Church Central Assembly, for both of their morning services. (For video of the sermon
click HERE)

I enjoyed addressing the International Manthano Parenting Online Conference as well, (click HERE to view interview message) talking about how we can help parents who’ve had loved ones “come out” to them as lesbian, gay, or transgender.

Other 2022 sermon opportunities included speaking to Calvary Chapel Chino Valley on Father’s Day (click HERE for video of my Father’s Day message “The Man on Watch”), Calvary Chapel Rialto speaking on “When Someone You Love is LGBTQ” (to view message click HERE) and Harbor Christian Center giving my testimony “Beyond LGBTQ” (to see video of sermon click HERE)

It was also my pleasure this year to speak to the Orange County Rescue Mission Village of Hope; City on a Hill Church in Garland, TX, (click HERE for video) and the annual Restored Hope Network Conference in Ashville, NC, among other seminar and conference engagements throughout California and the US.

You Helped Send Me To Each Of These Events. Thanks So Much!

Media Opportunities

I was especially blessed to be a guest with Dr. Jim Daly on the Focus on the Family Broadcast, talking about my new book Christians in a Cancel Culture. It’s always a pleasure being with these folks, and I was especially happy to get to address their counseling staff while I was there.

To view both parts of the Focus on the Family interview with Jim Daly, click HERE for Part I, and HERE for Part II.

Decision Magazine interviewed me this year to discuss the international trend of banning so-called “Conversion Therapy”, and I was grateful to talk with them about my concerns about the government limiting, and even banning, Christian counseling. To view the article, click HERE

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Our Online Ministry Continues
My weekly podcast Christians in a Cancel Culture has addressed hot topics like abortion, homosexuality, transgender, racism, and Progressive Christianity by interview guests such as apologist Alisa Childers (click HERE for interview) Bible scholar Dr. Robert Gagnon (for interview click HERE) and author/”Mama Bear Apologist” Natasha Crain. (Click HERE
for interview)

Additionally, our weekly Facebook Live presentation Sound Doctrine Bites has provided weekly commentary on current events in light of
sound doctrine.

Weekly Counsel and Support
Since 1987 – (35 years, can you believe it?) – we’ve been serving men and women dealing with sexual issues with Biblical counseling. During the average week I meet with 18-20 people, and every year I find myself more grateful for the honor of walking alongside someone who says, “I have a struggle; I recognize it’s not God’s will for me to give in to this struggle; what should I do?”

When people can’t afford counseling we meet with them anyway, and your support has allowed us to continue doing that throughout 2022.
Thank You!

And Next Year?
We’ll keep plugging away, doing more of what we’ve been doing, and then some. For example:

  • We’ll be adding more video segments, regularly, to our “The Short Answer” series.
  • We’re developing (and have nearly completed) our App! Stay tuned; we’ll let you know when it’s ready.
  • I’ll be starting a free online monthly service for pastors, discussing ministry approaches to take when LGBTQ issues come to the church. If you are a pastor or ministry leaders, please join us! Just click HERE to sign up for The Challenge – Monthly Ministry Tools for Leaders.

But to continue, we’ll need your partnership more than ever.

We simply HAVE to add to our staff, because as much as we thank God for these increasing opportunities, we also recognize we cannot meet the demands without more supply.

We are in need of at least one more staff member to help with the administrative load, and of more funds to cover the costs of producing and posting our online resources.

If this ministry represents the kind of work you would like to support,
won’t you please take a moment to make a year end, tax deductible gift?
Just click HERE.

Your help is what kept us going last year, and will continue to keep us moving ahead in 2023. As always, we thank God for you, and for His good hand on all our lives.

Hope you have yourself a wonderful, blessed New Year!



Tina | Feb 13, 2023

Dear Joe
Where will you be speaking thisvyear?
Thank you,
Tina Marcouilier

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