The Game Plan

The Game Plan


Everywhere men turn today, sexual temptation rears it’s ugly head, and the internet has made it easier to get caught in the trap of sexual sin.  Drawing from his own experience as a counselor and his own hard-earned lessons, Dallas’s method is innovative and simple, powerfully equiping those men who have been caught up in pornography and sexual sin to get themselves free.


“Joe Dallas gives the readers a much needed plan for battling pornography and sexual addiction. 
The Game Plan will give you the tools necessary to stop looking at pornography and never return.  A must read!”
– Craig Gross, Founder of XXX

“You may beat your demon the first time through
The Game Plan
or you may need it through a long season, but it’s a worthy companion. Joe’s advice is sound and his format is friendly.”
– Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family


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