The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality

The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality



Many Christians are grasping for an appropriate response to this hot-button issue, and the balance between demonstrating the grace and kindness of God with the biblical truth regarding homosexuality is a delicate one.

But there are answers to this dilemma and the to the many questions that surround the issue. In this book authors Joe Dallas and Nancy Heche bring their years of experience together to offer a comprehensive guide from a Biblical, Christian perspective and offer help to those who want to bring the compassionate touch of Christ to those they are in relationship with.

Questions dealt with include:

– Is the tendency toward homosexuality genetic?

– What should the response be when a loved one says they’re gay?

– How do I explain homosexuality to my child?

– What should churches do to offer hope to homosexuals?

– How does homosexuality affect society?

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