Webinar: “Sexuality and The Church” with Guest Dennis Jernigan

Webinar: “Sexuality and The Church” with Guest Dennis Jernigan


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Saturday, March 16

10am PST, 12pm CT, 1pm EST

Dennis Jernigan is an internationally recognized songwriter and author whose music is sung in churches worldwide. Drawing on his own testimony, he’s ministered for more than three decades in music and message to millions. Joe Dallas is an author and pastoral counselor who’s labored in ministry to people impacted by sexual sin since 1987. 

Both of us have a lot on our hearts to say about where the Church is today. Not all of it is good news, but we’re convinced all of it is true and relevant. 

Our concern is for the Bride of Christ, the challenges She now faces, and the decisions She has to make in light of social trends legitimizing what God has forbidden, and forbidding what God has commanded – the preaching of the Gospel and the making of disciples.

We want to share what we’ve learned in our combined decades of ministry. We want to talk abut what works – and what doesn’t! – when addressing homosexuality and transgenderism. We want to share some of our own battle stories. And we especially want to offer some ideas on how we the Church can navigate the tricky, even treacherous legal, social, and spiritual waters we may face in the coming decade.

Won’t you join us Saturday March 16 at 10am PST for our live discussion on What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Headed. When you register you’ll receive a complimentary E-book, outlines for the webinar, and for one week following the event, you’ll have access to a recorded version of the webinar so you can view it again.

We feel it’s time to share our hearts. We hope you’ll join us.


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